This dish needs to sit for at least ½ hour after cooking to ‘set up’ – this is important, or it will slide all over the place – so the first two pans need to go into the oven by 10:30 to be on the safe side.



·       Peel and slice eggplant into ¼ inch slices( veggie  cutters if F/C)

·       Batter the eggplant with egg and breadcrumb mixture-see recipe. Veggie cutters can do this also and place the battered eggplant onto oiled cookie sheets.

·       Make sauce- follow recipe

·       Brown the eggplant at 375 degrees- do not brown very much or the eggplant will shrink too much!

·       Keep the ovens on for baking the entrée later

·       Warm Pane Paisano in oven with damp towels over them before cutting and serving. Serve with butter/margarine

·       Steam vegetables



·        Start by covering 5 deep hotel pans with lecithin-oil mix (2 pans for between courses), then cover with a thin layer of sauce.

·        Arrange layers of browned and breaded eggplant, alternating with layers of sauce mozzarella. 2 layers is plenty.

·        Bake for about 45 hour at 350 F.

·        Try to have the first servings of entrée ready by 11:30 AM so it can set up before you serve it.

Eggplant Parmasan                           Date


F/C        N/C

16c           4 1/2c      Bread crumbs

10lb          2lb           Mozzarella cheese

7lb           2lb           Romano cheese

30lb         9lb           Eggplant   

40            14             Eggs, beaten

6 cans       2 cans       Tomato sauce

11lb          3lb           Onion, chopped

3lb           1 lb           Celery, chopped

4c            1c             Garlic

10lb          3lb           Spaghetti  or

9loaves     3loaves     Pane Paisano


+ Seasonal veg