Onion and Cheese Strata              



5 pans      2 pans

F/C             N/C

7                 2                 loaves Paisano bread

15#             4#               diced onions

12#             5#               tofu, smashed

8#               3#               cheddar, grated

150              60               eggs

10 c             3 c               milk

2 ½ T           1 T               salt

4 t               1 t               pepper



·        Preheat oven to 300 F.

·        Lightly grease 5 deep hotel pans

·        Line bottom of pans with bread

·        In the Hobart beat together the eggs, milk, ½ the tofu, salt and pepper

·        Saute onions and drain

·        Mix the other half of the tofu with the onions and spread over the bread

·        Sprinkle the tofu-bread layer with half the cheddar

·        Cover with another layer of bread and sprinkle with remaining cheddar

·        Pour the egg-tofu mixture gently over the bread and cheddar

·        Cover and let sit for as long as you can

·        Bake uncovered at 300 F for about 45 minutes or until strata is golden brown and puffy

·        Cut into squares and serve immediately















FC                    NC          

55#                 17#                 Potatoes

3#                   ¾ #                  Butter (or margarine for non-dairy)

16C                  4C                    Milk (or soymilk for non-dairy)




·       cut potatoes in chunks


·       leave the skins on the potatoes


·       put the potatoes in 4 pots of water on the stove and cook - that way they won’t discolor


·       be sure you heat up the water to boiling before you start timing the 30 minutes cooking time for the potatoes (approx.)


·       save out plain potatoes for special needs table


·       whip  ½  the potatoes and half the ingredients at a time in Hobart for about 10-20 seconds


·       oil 4 deep baking pans. Put potatoes inn the pans and place them in the oven at 200F covered, awaiting meal time.